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As exciting as it may be to plan a beautiful wedding, we understand that it can be pretty stressful for the both of you. So, when it comes to the wedding cake, we want you to look at us as Sweet sugar artists who can make your wedding cake dream a reality. At Sweet Surrender, we take pride in creating stunning cakes that serve as an elegant centerpiece of the wedding reception. 

Whether you are thinking of a large, formal celebration or a fairly simple one, Sweet Surrender will help you design the perfect wedding cake that not only looks beautiful but reflects the vision for your wedding. 


Wedding Consultation

For the lovely couple who are shopping for their wedding cake, we offer a tasting session. The couple needs to fix an appointment with us for a special tasting session which generally lasts upto 45 minutes. 

It is requested that in order to have the tasting session, one must have a date chosen for the wedding and the have their venue booked. It is always helpful if you have an idea about the theme, color, flowers, or bring cake pictures you admire as it would help design your cake better. But if you are unsure, we will gladly help you decide by giving you expert advice. 

We offer the tasting session to the couple and ONE of their additional guests. Please mention total number of people coming to the tasting session at the time of booking the appointment with us. 


Each additional guest after that will be charged $10 per person at the tasting session which will deducted in the final value of the order placed with us. 

Please Note: Additional decorations such as sugar flowers, hand-painting, edible lace, moulded fondant pieces, etc. cost extra as they are hand crafted to perfection over a number of days, even weeks.


Wedding Cake Delivery

Due to the delicate nature of the cake tiers, all our wedding cakes are transported with utmost care and are assembled at the venue. Our charges for the delivery are based on the time and mileage it takes to reach the venue. 

Order your Custom Cake with Us

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